Children are magnificent.

They are filled with curiosity, trust and determination.

Wonder is their stimulation.  Love is their calling card.

Jiggy Jog Press was born out of the idea to create and publish positive, intelligent, imaginative, beautiful, and spiritual children's books to illuminate the child within all of us. These books will stimulate reflection and nurture the soul by opening windows of possibilities in the child's mind.

meet the author


To My Child

Jennifer Johnston Schroeder

Growing up always humming a tune and thinking in rhyme, music and prose have consistently been a mainstay in Jennifer’s life. As an experienced Kindermusik and private piano instructor, Jennifer has an extensive background working with children on a musical and creative level. In addition, Jennifer has enjoyed directing many children’s music programs at her church, and actively performs as a professional vocalist.


A love and commitment to music and poetry has always been, and will continue to be, woven into the fabric of Jennifer’s life. This love is also shared by her husband Karl and their two daughters, Hannah and Kailey, who are also professional musicians.

Picture: Kailey, Jennifer, Hannah ca. 1992

meet the illustrator


To My Child

Laura Hutton McCranner

Laura has been involved in art from a very young age, attending art classes at the University of Illinois throughout grade school. She is an NCIDQ certified interior designer with a degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has been practicing design for over twenty years and has had several of her projects featured on


Laura and her husband, Bryan, reside in Holland, MI with their two “Coton” pups and enjoy occasional visits from their two grown children, Scott and Molly. They both tend to be workaholics but when not working they enjoy competitive yacht racing in amateur sailing events in the great lakes region.

Photo credit: Melissa Winchester​